Eden Steele

I4Peace Founder

Eden Steele, M.A, Ed.S., Founder and Executive Director Emeritus of Interactions for Peace, authored and created the I4Peace PEACE PATROL in 1989 and co-authored I4Peace Primary Peacemakers Program with Kaye Pesavento in 2001.

Eden’s experience includes teaching at every grade level including kindergarten through University. Her administrative experience includes her work with Headstart,
as the Academy Director for Americorps National Civilian Community Corps, and as a school principal.

During the past 30 years, Eden has led her team to partner with thousands of students, parents, educators and community leaders around the world to learn pathways to peace using the tools to build, maintain and sustain “interactions for peace”.

Eden continues to develop a variety of projects and curriculum to meet the needs of today’s challenges and opportunities. Her latest endeavor is working with. Dr. Amilcar Exume’ refining a curriculum of Scientific Self Discovery that teaches children to master the self-regulation of thought, emotion, and body states of mind.

Eden’s passion and belief system continues to focus on self-discovery and empowerment to become life-long peaceful problem solvers … Every One - Every Day - Every Place!