Who We Are

The Core Collaborative Learning Network specializes in


 learner-centered, professional learning for schools and systems.

What We Do

Our goal is to strengthen systems to be more grounded, connected, focused and authentic.Our aim is to produce holistic results in ways that raise the collective standard.


What We Believe

We believe in democracy. We believe that when we learn together we can make a difference in the lives of ALL students.We believe that compassion drives performance.


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Our Impact

Together we can make an even bigger difference

Learn about our impact globally! Our learner-centered approach to professional learning expands student ownership and agency. Visit our YouTube channel, where you can:

  • YouTube
  • Learn from the nation's most influential thought leaders

  • Watch Impact Teams in action

  • Observe how students take ownership of their learning

  • Learn about our IMPACT on student learning

New Release

ARROWS: A Systems-Based Approach to School Leadership

Authors: Carrie Rosebrock and Sarah Henry

This book is an invitation for school leaders and district teams to align their arrows, simplify their vision, and ultimately empower their teachers to be true experts of learning. Although learning is the intended goal of our educational system, all too often, initiative fatigue clouds the focus and creates inequitable learning experiences for our students.


It's an educational good-to-great story resulting in higher achievement, together.

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