The Core Collaborative Teacher Fellowship

The Core Collaborative Teacher Fellowship includes teachers and academic coaches who serve as spokespeople for student centered approaches to learning. Our goal is to change the narrative by celebrating the success stories of under-served students who take ownership of their learning. We are deeply committed to enhancing student success and believe that we share the responsibility for equity and diversity.


A Core Collaborative Teaching Fellow brings learning to life.  We support our Fellows in utilizing the 4 tenets of student centered learning:


1. Learning Is Competency-Based: Students progress in their learning based on their ability to demonstrate that they have mastered the success criteria aligned to state and national standards. Students can articulate the success criteria associated with what they are learning.


2. Learning is Student Owned: Students understand that there is a direct relationship between increasing their own learning and the amount of effort they strategically exert.  Students can articulate where they are at in the learning, where they are going and what their next steps are. 


3. Learning is Personalized: Students develop relationships and deep connections with the people they learn with. Learning is differentiated to allow for personalized learning. 


4. Learning Takes Place Anytime, Anywhere: Conditions are created so that students are motivated to learn anytime and anywhere. Learning can happen in a variety of settings in and out of school. Students take advantage of digital technologies to enhance their learning.


If you would like more information about The Core Collaborative Teacher Fellowship please click HERE to apply.