EmpowerED Systems Strand


Topics in the EmpowerED Systems strand enable educational leaders, teacher leaders, and instructional leadership teams to partner together and contribute to system innovation, system focus, collective action and a deeper understanding of what works best in schools.

Leading School Teams is a structured process that builds the capacity of system leaders to facilitate deep conversations with colleagues to buildrelational trust. Learn how to strengthen team dynamics to improve student outcomes. Leading School Teams builds capacity through dialogue-driven relational trust to increase collective efficacy.


The Leading School Teams professional learning series provides the “why” and the “how” for systems to ensure that teams function at optimal levels. 

Leading School Teams 
Building Systemic Trust



Instructional Leaders

While the research on principal leadership in general has developed into a growing body of thick scholarship, the research on principal-evaluation systems remains surprisingly thin. Many principal evaluation instruments distract attention away from those leadership practices that are closely linked to increases in student achievement and teacher performance.


District and school leaders will reflect upon their current principal evaluation model and learn how to adopt the Evaluating Instructional Leadership Framework in its entirety, or adapt the district’s current principal evaluation model to reflect key components of instructional leadership and help systems accentuate the implementation of high-yield instructional leadership practices


The Core Connections Inventory is a research based instrument used by schools and systems to monitor core climate areas connected to a districts strategic-learning plan.  The overarching purpose of Core Connections is to collect, report and track changes focusing on priority areas for school improvement.  


The Core Connections process provides schools and systems more in-depth insight into progress, which in turn can both serve as a measure of improvement and provide vital data for district action planning.  Core connections support systems in making meaningful advances in student outcomes by improving school and district climate. 

Leading Impact Teams

Systems Innovation Model 

An impact team is a team (PLC) of educators who partner with students in learning. They are committed to understanding their impact on student learning and to respond by unleashing their expertise by taking collective action. The stronger the beliefs they hold about their collective capabilities, the more they achieve. They empower learners to own and take charge of their learning.Teacher teams utilize an easy 3-step protocol to understand their impact on learning in order to take collective action to make a profound difference in the lives of all students.  



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Dr. David Horton discusses relational trust and  school climate.  


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