RestorED and ConnectED

The Mindset and Heartset of Restorative Practices: Grounding in a healing centered approach to connection. 


Author: Marisol Quevedo Rerucha 

Restorative practices (RP) provides a space for us to connect with the way of our ancestors to embrace a more connected way of being and responding to others in our community. RP is more than just a way of approaching discipline and changing student behavior. RP is a human centered approach to life and work.

The most effective educators have a restorative heart and mind set. They embrace their own humanity, and that of others, through reflection, growth, vulnerability and healing. Effective educators and leaders ensure the same opportunities are provided to staff so that the workplace is not just efficient and effective, but also a place where conflict can be resolved and the work is approached with a collective focus on community. Effective educators recognize that harm in life and work is inevitable and are committed to restoring and growing from these incidences with their staff and communities.


At the conclusion of our first day together (two sessions of 2.5 hours) participants will:
• Develop an understanding of restorative justice in education initiatives with a focus on restorative practices - what it is and what it is not.
• Engage in activities that promote deep reflection and build community.
• Practice techniques to center themselves before reacting to the actions of others.
• Participate in check-in/check-out, circles, and a mediation.


At the conclusion of our second day together (two sessions of 2.5 hours) participants will:

  • Participate and guide a check-in/check-out, circles, and a mediation.

• Practice and receive feedback on having difficult conversations.
• Discuss and decide on strategies for systemic, quality implementation that include time and space for restorative practices and a system to collect and communicate the results of restorative practices implementation (for community need and reporting purposes)

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