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Welcome the Hacking School Discipline Team to TCC!

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

We are thrilled to announce our new Hacking School Discipline Learning Pathway for schools and systems. TCC is honored that Nathan Maynard and Brad Weinstein are partnering with our learning network to scale job-embedded professional learning aligned to their nationally recognized book, Hacking School Discipline: 9 Ways to Create a Culture of Empathy and Responsibility using Restorative Justice, from Times 10 Publications.

Brad and Nathan are not only innovative, creative and passionate about what they do, they are quality human beings that really want to make a difference. The Hacking School Discipline Pathway expands our overall vision by supporting our network of schools in creating a culture of empathy and responsibility using restorative justice. Restorative Justice is a philosophy and community-wide intervention that places relationships at the heart of the learning experience.

The goal of restorative discipline is to change the school climate rather than just merely

responding to student behavior.

Hacking School Discipline Success Stories

  • Hacking School Discipline sold over 80 thousand copies in just 7 months

  • Hacking School Discipline has been endorsed by three of the most recognized experts and developers of restorative practices in the field: 1) International Institute of Restorative Practices, 2) National Educators of Restorative Practices, and 3) RestorativeJustice.com.

  • The book was a Washington Post Bestseller for two weeks in a row at number 6 and number 15. 

  • The book also has been a bestseller on Amazon for 37 weeks straight between USA and Canada in multiple categories. 

  • Reviewers proclaim Hacking School Discipline to be “maybe the most important book a teacher can read, a must for all educators, fabulous, a game changer!”

  • Hacking School Discipline has been recognized on several "must-read" lists

  • including: National Association of Elementary School Principals, Association for Middle Level Education, and BookAuthority featured on CNN and Forbes Inc. 

  • Nathan and Brad have been featured on seven podcasts during the last 5 months, including some of the most popular: Better Leaders Better Schools, Cool Cat Teacher with Vicki Davis, and Cult of Pedagogy

  • Nathan and Brad developed the first restorative behavior management software, BehaviorFlip. They have partnered with over 50 school districts and have had 640 schools nationally and internationally reach out with interest in using the software. 

  • They have a huge social media following of over 64K followers on BehaviorFlip, 8,900 in their Facebook Group - Hacking School Discipline, popular personal accounts, and Brad has over 150K followers through TeacherGoals on Facebook and Twitter

The Truth is in the Data

Nathan and Brad have partnered with school districts nationally to develop restorative practices and their partner schools have drastically dropped down referrals and supported teachers to effectively change behavior in the classroom.

HSD Success Stories

  • Fulton Middle School--Fulton, MO went from an average of 7 referrals per day (1,300 in the 2018-2019 year) to only 5 referrals since school has begun AND teachers are overwhelmingly more satisfied and happier at work.

  • Ripley Middle School--Ripley, TN has dropped referrals by 63%

  • Ripley High School--Ripley, TN dropped referrals by 58%

A New Blueprint for School Discipline

Make Hacking School Discipline your new blueprint for school discipline. Eliminate punishment and build a culture of empathetic, responsible and self-directed learners. Collaborate with Brad and Nathan and learn how to:

  • Use restorative circles to reflect on behaviors and discuss impactful change

  • Reduce repeated negative behaviors

  • Infuse mindfulness into school culture

  • Build student self-regulation and empathy

  • Enhance communication and collaboration

  • Identify the true cause of negative behaviors

Connect with Brian Roy, our Executive Director of Learning Partnerships, to learn more about how to bring Nathan and Brad to your school.

May the FORCE be with you,

Dr. Paul Bloomberg

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