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Students Lend Their Voices on Air at Sequoia Middle School

Sequoia Middle School’s KA19 Podcast is an amazing program that provides students with hands-on broadcast experience. 

Facilitated by our Digital Production teacher, Mrs. Stevenson, KA19 involves students in script writing, public speaking, sound editing, technical skills and more. 

Topics range from promoting community awareness through the interviewing of guest speakers (district office officials, first responders, Mental Health Coordinators, and authors) as well as hosting livestreams that focus on topics important to our students (cell phones, responsibility, well-being, etc.)

Student voices being heard is one of our primary goals at the Core Collaborative and we are so excited to partner with Sequoia Middle School who does a great job teaching kids to use their voices.

Check out their podcast here.

Folks from the school community are encouraged to submit their ideas for show topics and featured guests. What a great way to get more of the community involved and listening to this great program.

Journalism, in its varied forms is a great way to teach students to use their voices responsibly and empowers them to practice all of the skills they learn in their classes throughout the day.

A big shout out to Principal Hallie Chambers for sharing the pictures and for sharing her students' great work.

Are students empowered to share their voices in your school community to? We'd love to hear about it.