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Dual Language Formative Question Stems

According to the latest Pew Research, there are close to 5 million EL learners in our classrooms today and growing. This number emphasizes the critical importance of embedded social and emotional learning strategies to help reduce anxiety and promote safe learning environments when teaching students to self and peer review.

One way to help our EL students become successful with peer review is to provide language stems and frames to support peer to peer feedback. Students should be able to answer the 3 feedback questions with language stems and frames:

  • Where am I going?

  • How am I going?

  • What do I need to learn next?

When teaching students how to give peer-to-peer feedback, think about co-constructing a chart with sentence stems and frame. These language structures will need to be modeled and practiced until they become proficient.

Download this set of sample sentence frames/starters to use with students from The Core Collaborative’s forthcoming book, Peer Power: Unite, Learn, Prosper • Activate An Assessment Revolution.

Dual Language Formative Question Stems

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