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IncludED NYC DOE Chancellor's Principal Conference

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

IncludED Facilitator, John Krownapple was invited to present 2 breakout sessions at the NYC DOE Chancellor’s Principals Conference in Manhattan, NY on May 11. John presented two concurrent sessions titled, “Building and Sustaining Culturally Responsive School Environments.”

Principals explored how cultural responsiveness and equity require leaders to shape a culture of dignity. To that end, John introduced the IncludED Dignity Framework for Educational Equity as a pragmatic guide for equitable change.

The IncludED Dignity Framework for Educational Equity provides four core competencies that allow us to honor the dignity of ourselves and others: 1) patience 2) openness 2) listening and 3) empathy.

The Core Collaborative IncludED Team of facilitators will be introducing the Dignity Framework to various specialized high school’s across New York City this month.

John Krownapple and Paul Forbes

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