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19 Essential Books to Understand Race and Equity in School

by Isaiah McGee

Many educators have been asking what can I read to better understand race, racism, and its impact on schools and the classroom. In honor of Juneteenth, I compiled a list of 19 essential books that can help educators not only better understand the elusive, pervasive, and persistence impact of race on schools, but also provide them with skills to challenge and mitigate its influence and provide marginalized students, especially Black students, the best learning environment and experience.

So You Want to Talk About Race

Ijeoma Oluo

Gives honest, clear, and constructive, and conversations about race and racism, how to deal with racial prejudices and biases, and how they infect almost every aspect of American life.

Between the World and Me

Ta-Nehisi Coates

From a personalized viewpoint, Coates confronts the notion of race in America how it was systematically constructed and shaped American history which includes the subjugation of Black people

Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?

Beverly Tatum

Uses research and psychological theory to explain the development of racial identity and the impact that has on racism and belonging.

Is Everyone Really Equal?

Ozlem Sensoy and Robin DiAngelo

This book addresses the most common stumbling blocks to understanding how social inequity is reproduced.

Racism Without Racists

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva