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Impact Teams are teams of educators that partner with students.  They innovate to expand student ownership. They scale up their collective expertise to make a difference for ALL students.

What Are Impact Teams?
Impact Team Success Stories

Joplin Schools, MO

"Joplin Schools was suffering from initiative fatigue and the challenge of implementing new standards. They turned to the Impact Teams model to shift the conversation toward teaching and student ownership."

Leading Impact Teams: Building a Culture of Efficacy combines some of the best innovations from the last decade to ensure a focus on changing the learning lives of students.  

Maximizing this impact involves teachers learning from students about their impact---and this is the heart of formative evaluation, which in turn is the substance of collaborative inquiry among teacher teams.  

                                                                                       - Professor John Hattie

                                                                                             Visible Learning, 2009


Excellent teams build excellent schools!

Our belief and our experience is that every  school has what it takes to improve...EVERY school! The resources under the roof of a school building are extraordinary.

The model combines two existing practices, formative assessment and collaborative inquiry, and promotes a school culture in which teachers and students are partners in learning.

We believe that when you create optimal conditions to expand student ownership - everyone will learn how to share, to fail, to reflect, to persevere, and ultimately celebrate success.

  • Build a culture of efficacy

  • Take collective action using high yield strategies

  • Clarify & calibrate learning goals, success criteria  

  • Maximize self & peer assessment 

  • Leverage learning progressions 

  • Expand evidence-based feedback 

  Dr. Paul Bloomberg & Barb Pitchford


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Impact Teams Empower Students to Take Ownership