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Thursday, October 15th  |  7:30 Eastern  |  4:30 Pacific

"As #PeerPower Revolutionaries, we have the power to transform" our social studies classrooms. Watch the news, or even late night comedy, any day of the week and it will be clear that the issues covered in social studies are both important and interesting to everyone and that society is still developing. However, students often miss the connections between what they study in class and how they can understand, participate in, and shape society.


Join author and educator Katherine Smith to learn how to apply the formative assessment process to the social studies classroom, resulting in a classroom that is "for the people by the people." In situations like she describes, students not only learn the what, but the why and how of citizenship. As she shares in Peer Power, "We can teach our students the positive impact of civic participation by allowing them to be part of the vision of classroom success. We can teach our #Peer Power students that being a productive member of the classroom (or society) means working together through peer assessment and peer planning to actualize the larger vision of success.”


Participants will:

• Learn the core practices of the formative assessment process

• Identify the social studies concepts that are reflected in these core practices

• Explore how these core practices are reflected throughout history by reviewing disciplinary metaphors

• Apply the formative practices to teaching essential social studies skills (by unpacking an argumentative writing example)

Thursday, December17th  |  7:30 Eastern  |  4:30 Pacific

“Teacher! Teacher! He isn’t being nice!”
“Teacher! Teacher! She hit me!” 


For years it seems our students have had two options when dealing with conflict: tell the teacher or don’t. Both children and adults often struggle to make sense of competing messages to always tell an adult and to not “tattle."

Children can handle many of the conflicts that arise in and out of school when they have effective, respectful strategies in their “tool box”. Relationships, communication, and the ability to collaborate with others, even when we disagree, are essential skills in any arena. 

Join Interactions for Peace Specialists Ivan Alva and Beverly Prange to learn how the Peace Patrol program is providing conflict-resolution strategies for children around the world. Peace Patrol is a structured approach for 2nd-8th grade students that develops essential social-emotional skills, 

Participants will:

  • Learn strategies for building self-awareness, confidence, communication, cooperation, and conflict-resolution skills

  • See students resolving real-life conflicts on the playground

  • Experience how student peer-mediation builds a peaceful school culture

  • Take away lessons you can implement tomorrow

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