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Thursday, February 20th  |  7:30 Eastern  |  4:30 Pacific

In today's climate, it is more important than ever to tell the real stories of educators. The public needs to hear first hand about our successes and challenges and how we persevere. As educators, we have the power to build our own brands whether it be personally, or for our schools, to truly present the stories as we see them. Our profession is all about relationships. By sharing our stories on social media through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or blogs, we have the opportunity to lift each other up in times of celebration and strife.

In this webinar participants will:

  • Learn the basics for Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin including the specific audience engagement you can hope to find with each

  • Discover the power of blogging and vlogging, whichever works for you

  • Explore the power of the hashtag and which ones are most useful for educators

  • Learn about how to leverage Twitter for professional learning and sharing

Social media has truly made learning personalized. Get in on the action and model how to engage with 21st century storytelling for your colleagues and students

Thursday, March 19th  |  7:30 Eastern  |  4:30 Pacific

Thursday, April 16th  |  7:30 Eastern  |  4:30 Pacific

Thursday, September 17th  |  7:30 Eastern  |  4:30 Pacific

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Includes recent master classes such as:

• Belonging through a Culture of Dignity with John Krownapple

• Making the Shift: Using Storylines for Three Dimensional Learning with Dr. Jason Crean and Mrs. Kristin Rademaker

• Effective Teaming: The Learning Network, Structure, and Processes with Dr. Dave Horton

• Developing Positive Learner Identity with Kara Vandas

Real Talk for Restorative Practices: Real Strategies, Real Schools, Real Students

Available on YouTube​

All Laws around student discipline are changing. Are you ready?
Teachers, parents, and most of all, students are frustrated with carrots and sticks, detention rooms, and suspension--antiquated school discipline practices that simply do not work with the students entering classrooms today.
Every day brings a new chance to connect with your most difficult students and inspire them with relentless kindness and encouragement. Many are used to adults giving up on them, but with restorative practice, you can stop punishing your students and empower them to be accountable for their actions.
Join the authors of Hacking School Discipline, Nathan Maynard and Brad Weinstein, to learn how restorative practices can be used to:

  • Reduce repeated negative behaviors

  • Combat disproportionality and implicit bias

  • Build student self-regulation and empathy

  • Enhance communication and collaboration

  • Identify the true cause of negative behaviors

  • Use restorative circles to reflect on behaviors and build an inclusive community

Participants will:

  • Understand the need for restorative practices

  • Learn how to implement restorative practices

  • Take away concrete strategies to use in the classroom

The Art of Questioning

Available on YouTube!​

All teachers ask questions every day. Literally hundreds of them. How, when, and what questions are posed in your classroom is critical. Join Connie Hamilton, the “Questioning Guru” to learn relevant, useful, and proven strategies that you and your colleagues can implement immediately.

You will learn:
• Strategies for approaching ""IDK"" responses
• Multiple ways to include the entire class in thinking
• Various tools for closing a lesson

There is an art and a science to effective questioning. This session will help you strengthen your delivery and facilitation of questioning to bring out the best thinking in your students.

Math Makes Sense

Available on YouTube

We all know that making sense of math is the goal of every teacher, principal, and parent. But have you ever thought about what this really means in terms of what WE were taught in school? This session will blow your mind as Ivan Alba helps you see “what you didn't know you didn't know.” Find out how math can be taught so students truly understand it visually, conceptually, and making connections to higher math learning. The discussion will be fun and light, but the learning will be deep and transformative for every participant involved.

In this session you will:

• Understand how visual drawings bring to light the way arithmetic and algebra work
• Determine what elementary and middle school algorithms directly support algebra in high school
• Learn mental models that empower both students and teachers to understand and love math more than ever

Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity: The Keys to Successful Equity Implementation

Available on YouTube!

For equity initiatives to succeed, educators must shape inclusive environments designed to foster a sense of belonging by honoring the dignity of every person. We must first identify and shrink gaps in belonging if we aspire to reduce and eliminate gaps in achievement. When students feel that they belong, their academic engagement increases and their negative behavior decreases. Join John Krownapple in exploring the concept of belonging and its centrality in schools and classrooms that work for every student.

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