Do you wish there was more clarity when it comes to measuring student progress and learning?

What if there was a way to utilize grading and assessment as a method to focus on student learning rather than performance?

Schools often struggle to transform their grading and reporting practices in order to make them more meaningful and learner-centered. Moving from traditional grading practices, to a target-based or competency-based approach, puts student learning and feedback at the center.


Target-based grading requires teachers to report against specific learning targets and/or other competencies that your system values (ie: SEL and/or dispositional learning). Our approach creates conditions for educators, parents, and students to understand what students are expected to learn and provides them with feedback towards clear learning targets.


Teams of teachers break prioritized standards into specific learning targets, which become the basis for instruction and assessment.

Units of instruction and assessments are designed to help students meet specific learning targets rather than the general standard. Teachers are able to identify the learning target against which they are checking proficiency for every assessment they give. 

Reassessment becomes a much more manageable task as students are only reassessed on targets with which they struggled and are not required to retake the entire assessment. 

Teachers are able to utilize the information from assessments to determine next steps.


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In my personal experience with target-based grading, I have found it beneficial, and beyond that, a useful tool to help me learn throughout high school. Target-based grading, unlike old grading systems, does more than just tell me I have the info wrong or right; it tells me what I am doing right, and what I am doing wrong.

John Garofalo, Twelfth-Grade Student

Winneconne High School, Wisconsin


Order the book, Grading for Impact, and the Target-Based Learning cards by Tom Hierck and Garth Larson


Hierck and Larson carefully present the rationale for target-based assessment and grading and then lay out a ‘how-to roadmap’ that any school system can successfully follow to implement these powerful ideas.

Larry Ainsworth, Author and Educational Consultant

Bring Learner-Centered Grading to your school or system!
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