The Core Collaborative Cohort Model

The Core Collaborative Cohort Model’s mission is to build learning capacity by creating partnerships with multiple instructional leadership teams across schools with a collective goal of strengthening learner-centered innovation.We specialize in creating optimal conditions for deep implementation of TCC Learner-Centered Pathways


Job Embedded Professional Learning 

We use data from The Core Collaborative Needs Assessment to develop and implement a job embedded, professional learning plan with learning support from our partner consultants. We partner with each school’s instructional leadership team to build capacity in schools, across schools and sometimes even across districts to create a guiding coalition to build systemic capacity.  


Zoom Video Coaching

In addition to on site professional learning, we offer ZOOM Video Coaching Sessions with each individual principal and leadership team to maximize learning and to support the implementation of the Learner-Centered Pathway being implemented. We also use the CANVAS Learning Management System to create an interactive learning space for schools participating in the TCC Cohort Model.  



We can strategically leverage the resources of multiple schools to create ongoing support and professional learning throughout the school year. The cohort model supports systems in building capacity by growing collaborative expertise from is a cost-effective way of getting job-embedded support and long-term coaching.