For students, belongingness precedes achievement.
For schools, excellence requires equity!

Despite the best efforts of equity leaders, our schools suffer from persistent inequities. However, IncludED schools have a solution that works. Aligned with Social Justice standards IncludED provides the support that teams need to make the changes required for inclusion and equity.

Through a journey that moves from awareness to commitment to action, the IncludED suite of services help schools ensure excellence with equity for ALL learners through:

Inclusion, Dignity, Cultural Competence, and Equity 

Excellence with Equity

PHASE 1: AWARENESS The journey to excellence with equity begins with increased awareness of the issues that emerge from diversity and -- most importantly -- the incredible power we have as educators to influence the lives of students through our mindset.

PHASE 2: COLLECTIVE ACTION As school teams progress on the journey to excellence with equity, they turn their commitment into action using tools and protocols to transform practices and policies to be more inclusive and equitable.

PHASE 3: SUSTAINABILITY Ensuring schools collective action is sustainable, requires teams to develop internal coaches equipped with facilitation knowledge, skills, and dispositions to effectively lead equity-focused professional learning in a manner consistent with inclusion and equity.

Belonging Through Dignity

Belonging Through Dignity offers an equity solution that works. More than a series of workshops, it’s a process that changes things for the better, especially for those most marginalized, underserved, disenfranchised, and vulnerable. The result is a healthier, equitable, and inclusive organization within which everyone’s wellbeing sets them up for success.

Belonging Through Dignity supports schools with implementing educational equity with success.

Awareness Days
Awareness days serve as the prerequisite to the action days. Participants learn what they need to know and do to create inclusive environments that honor dignity and nurture belonging on all levels: intrapersonal, interpersonal, institutional, and structural. Throughout the process, they develop a way of being (mindset) that facilitates dignity in practice and policy through improved listening, empathy, openness, and patience.

Action Day 1
Prerequisite: Awareness
Action Day 1 helps participants start applying the Dignity Framework for Educational Equity to their own context. Using climate and belonging data, they engage in an improvement cycle focused on shaping a school culture where students across demographic and identity groups experience true belonging. To that end, participants plan for action that honors dignity on all levels: intrapersonal, interpersonal, institutional, and structural. 

Action Day 2
Prerequisite: Action Day 1
Action Day 2 helps participants with implementing action plans that redress indignity and nurture belonging through dignity. They give and receive feedback on action plans in a manner that continues to nurture dispositions that honor dignity. Participants leave this workshop with clarity of next steps they must take to change things for the better, especially for their most vulnerable and marginalized students. 

Action Day 3
Prerequisiste: Action Day 2
Action Day 3 serves as a sharing symposium. Participants share successes in how they have worked. They walk away knowing exactly what it takes to champion equity by coaching, teaching, leading, and generally interacting with & for dignity.

Equity Books

This is exactly the book everyone needs to be reading right now. We need it for our relationships, our schools, and maybe even more important, for our nation.

Jim Knight, Senior Research Associate
University of Kansas Center for Research Learning

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