June 29-30, 2020

Grand Hyatt Vail

About MindFuelED 2020

PersonalizED Pathways

Personalize your experience with one of three tracks!


Adventure time begins at sunrise with a leader willing to take your group on an active and fast paced journey to explore the outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Each morning will begin with a hike or physical activity to get your brain and body ready for learning.

Campfire time begins with a traditional speaker (or multiple speakers) presenting an idea to a group of people. After about five minutes, however, the format will shift from the presenter to the audience.

For the remainder of the time the presenter(s) become a facilitator, inviting comments, insights, and questions from those around the campfire. This session allows attendees to drive their own learning and share experiences with others for the ultimate networking experience. 

Wellness time is designed for participants who want to practice self-care. The opportunity to partake in yoga each morning is available, catch the sunrise from a serene location, or simply sleep in and take care of your individual needs.  Either way, we will see you, ready to learn, at 8am!


Personal Introspective Reflection


Participants reflect on their new learning by answering three questions. All answers are written down. They then have an opportunity, but not an obligation, to share their answers with a small group.

Self Care Stations


Self-care areas area are also set up to renew, refresh, and replenish for continued learning through-out the day.


Professional Learning Pathways

Learning, Connecting, and Energizing: MindFuelED is built for YOU.

Keynote/Featured Sessions


These 50-80 minutes sessions invite experts from the field to share the latest information around expanding personalized learning.

Wisdom Walks - A MindFuelED Tradition


This session is an interactive format that allows site teams to share and celebrate their topic of collaborative inquiry from the school year. Teams will have the chance to build a trifold poster during the event and are encouraged to bring artifacts from their site. Artifacts could include student work, team notes, pictures, videos, school spirit swag, etc. After time is given to build a board, teams walk to various stations to learn from each other and gather ideas for implementation back at their site. More information will be provided leading up to the event.

Success Spotlights


Engage with various school leaders from around the country, and their TCC partner consultant, to hear their successful experiences to strengthen student ownership. Participants will walk away with tips and examples of how to get started with their own teams.

InspirED Talks


Following the format of a TED talk, these sessions will give speakers 11 minutes or less to share about a topic of interest in less than 20 slides.

Personalized Pathways Roundtable


This type of learning session is designed to engage participants in informal discussion around individuals' most pressing problems. Together, tables of participants from personalized morning groups will vote on one topic to dialogue around for 7 minutes. A table facilitator will ensure all voices are heard and arrive at multiple solutions for tackling the problems of practice. Time will allow for multiple rounds and various problems of practice.

Community Circles


Do you ever wish for time to talk and network with alike roles around ways to strengthen teacher and student agency? Dedicated time and space will be given to dialogue with common areas of expertise around a pre-planned discussion topic. These circles are also encouraged to take the conversation outside to more informal areas around the resort.

Master Class

Engage with a T.C.C. facilitator to learn more about a specific objective tied to the theme of the conference. These 45-60 minute sessions highlight strategies and protocols to expand personalized learning and implement right away.


Deep Dive


These interactive 90 minute sessions explore one of the Core Collaborative Learning Pathways to give insight into how to strengthen a specific practice to expand learner-centered innovation. 

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