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Leadership Inquiry Cadre

Each month we will harness the power of Impact Team Inquiry to solve current puzzles of practice grounded in the five building blocks from our groundbreaking MTSS Framework. This will strengthen the multiple systems of support, where students are empowered to take ownership of their learning through self-assessment, peer assessment, reflection, and goal setting.

School and District Leaders, Teacher Leaders & ILT Teams, Family & Community Leaders, Mental Health Leaders, Interventionists


Next Session: Third Friday of January, Friday, Jan. 21


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January 21

TCC Leadership Inquiry Cadre:

Accelerate Learning
with Learner-Centered,
High Impact Strategies

2022 TASA Midwinter Conference.png

January 30 - February 02


Midwinter Conference 2022


February 04

TCC Leadership Inquiry Cadre:

Enact Culturally Responsive Practices

2022-0223-0225 CISC Twitter Post.png

February 23 - 25

CISC 2022:

Leadership Symposium


March 04

TCC Leadership Inquiry Cadre:

Develop Restorative Practices and Relational Literacy


April 01

TCC Leadership Inquiry Cadre:

Strengthen Community-Based Supports


May 06

TCC Leadership Inquiry Cadre:

Envision Success through Collective Action

Social Core