Topics in the EmpowerED Leadership strand support educational leaders, teacher leaders, and instructional leadership teams in creating conditions for systemic learning.



Leading School Teams: Building Relational Trust 

Leading School Teams is a structured process that builds the capacity of principals and teacher team leaders to facilitate deep conversations with colleagues to build relational trust. Learn why teams of teachers and the work they do matters and how to strengthen team dynamics to improve student outcomes. Leading School Teams builds capacity through dialogue-driven relational trust to increase teacher collective efficacy. The Leading School Teams professional learning series provides the “why” and the “how” for teacher team leaders and principals to ensure that the existing PLC process (Impact Teams) functions at its best. The process recognizes that teacher team leaders and principals are busy and need to have ready-to-go team and trust building tools. 

Principal Coaching for Clarity


As an administrator placed in a coaching role, it is difficult to know if your coaching is really making a difference. Our coaching model is tied to state and national standards and is also directly connected to the school/district improvement plan. Our coaching model motivates teachers to increase their learning by giving professionals: 

  • A choice in their learning

  • Allowing them time to master the learning and

  • Recognizing their success along the way through ongoing feedback.

The criterion for success is co-constructed by the site leadership team to ensure all teachers have a voice in their own learning. We use multiple measures to determine success: teacher perception data, learning walk data, student perception data, and formative and summative achievement data.

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Leading Impact Teams: A Student-Centered PLC Model


An impact team is a team (PLC) of educators who partner with students in learning. They are committed to understanding their impact on student learning and to respond by unleashing their expertise by taking collective action. The stronger the beliefs they hold about their collective capabilities, the more they achieve. They empower learners to own and take charge of their learning.  Our PLC model is efficient and simple to use.  Teacher teams utilize an easy 3-step protocol to understand their impact on learning in order to take collective action to make a profound difference in the lives of all students.  


NOTE: Impact Teams is now exclusively offered through Corwin Professional Learning. 

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