Topics in the EmpowerED Instruction™ strand support educators in understanding and implementing research based strategies that yield high effect in terms of student learning.  


Classroom Clarity:Learning Intentions & Success Criteria


It is important for the teachers to communicate the intentions of the lesson and the notions of what success looks like for these intentions. The first step of the formative assessment process, having clear learning intentions and success criteria are critical for student ownership of learning. In addition, supporting learning with success criteria that is tightly aligned to standards-based learning progressions, it is crucial for engaging students in quality self and peer assessment. The effect size for teacher clarity is .75 as cited in the Visible Learning Research.  This doubles the speed of learning for students. 



Student Centered Lesson Study & Learning Labs  


Our Student-Centered Lesson Study and Learning Lab Model supports a collaborative focus on student thinking through observation of classroom practice in real time. Lesson study provides a process that makes concrete goals for student learning by developing an actual lesson collaboratively and then providing reciprocal feedback.


Our lesson study and learning lab model: 

  • Engages professionals in teaching, observation & assessment

  • Is grounded in participants’ questions, inquiry, and experimentation 

  • Is collaborative, involving a sharing of knowledge among educators

Reach and Teach English Language Learners

Our English Learner Instructional Model utilizes practical, ready-to-use ELL strategies firmly rooted in the latest research. Our model provides practical research-based strategies and tools for assessing and teaching even the most hard to reach English language learners across the content areas. These tools have proven to be effective with ESL students at all levels, including Long Term English Learners (LTELs). Rachel Syrja, a partner consultant and ELL expert, developed our model based on her book, Reach and Teach ELL’s: Effective Strategies and Assessment for English Language Learners.

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