Topics in the EmpowerED Curriculum™ strand support educators in creating or enhancing standards based curriculum with a focus on vertical and horizontal coherence.  



Student Centered Curriculum Design


Our curriculum design model puts students at the center of learning.  Our curriculum model creates optimal conditions for student ownership of learning. This model is based on high, leverage vertical learning progressions that support college and career readiness.  We use the principles of backward design to create a context for learning where students have multiple opportunities to succeed in supporting their goal. Students are expected to monitor their progress and mastery  of progress and mastery district priority learning progressions.



Leveraging Learning Progressions 


A learning progression is a road or pathway that students travel as they progress toward mastery of the skills needed for career and college readiness. Each road follows a route composed of a collection of building blocks that are defined by the content standards for a subject. We assist districts and schools in determining “priority learning progressions” that will create the most leverage for increasing student learning.  


These pathways or progressions ground both instruction, and the formative assessment process (including student self-assessment, peer assessment and goal setting). Developing clear learning progressions provide teachers and students the clarity they need to identify where they are at in the learning in relationship to their classroom and individual student learning goals. Defining “priority learning progressions” is a necessary step for deep implementation for the formative assessment process. 



Unpacking Standards for Success


The Core Collaborative’s Unpacking for Success Protocol is a collaborative protocol that teachers use to understand and strengthen their understanding of state and national standards.  This six step protocol leads to deeper understanding of the concepts and skills required for standards mastery, cognitive rigor, the building blocks of the learning progression, the relevance of the standard and ultimately the success criteria needed to master the standard(s).

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