Impact Teams are teams of educators that partner with students,

Content Coaching

If we want students to take ownership of their learning then teachers teams must take ownership of their learning! When teams have established a strong foundation, they expand student ownership through Impact Team Inquiry. 


Impact Teams dive into content to ensure deeper learning. Impact Team Content Coaching is an execution-as-learning process in which teams use protocols strategically through coaching and modeling. They leverage new protocols to support their inquiry:


  • Unpacking for Success 

  • Case Study

  • Lesson Study 

  • Teacher Driven Evidence Walks

This implementation process is authentic, organic, and develops a variety of skills and knowledge in context focused on deepening content knowledge. Teams also use the Equitable, Viable, and Coherent Curriculum Assessment Tool to enhance teacher clarity regarding content and process.

Impact Teams...

  • Develop inquiry cycles to enhance content expertise to ensure deeper learning

  • Expand student ownership through the five formative practices

  • Design and refine equitable, viable and coherent curriculum

  • Deepen knowledge of strategies that leverage Visible Learning influences

  • Triangulate evidence to understand impact

Impact Team Content Coaching

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